CFEH Running Club!

Hi everyone!  Coach Julia here! I have something exciting to share with you all.  I will be coaching a running club for CFEH!  I’ve been a runner for over 15 years and have completed 2 Marathons and am now training for my 9th Half Marathon. I’ve lost count of how many 5Ks I’ve done!  Why do I love running? Not just for the obvious health benefits, such as improved stamina, increased bone density, increased cardiovascular health, and enhanced mental function.  It is also a great way to spend some time outdoors now that the weather is finally nicer!  

That brings along another benefit…the social aspect of it. Us CrossFitters love that. I love getting together with others who share my passion in running and going out for a sweat session. You can too, by grabbing a friend, significant other, or even your kid and the stroller. There is no shame in walking. It’s actually a great way to start!

After Damien and I spoke about my idea we agreed that now is the time! So I quickly got to work drafting up a program that will take you from huffing and puffing after a few laps around our gym to feeling proud and setting milestones after you complete a 5k. If you hate running and say that its not your so called “thing” or even if you enjoy running and want to increase you ability and efficiency, this program is for you!

I’m proposing a 5-week schedule where we will meet once a week, most likely on Saturdays around 11am. I will give you guys “homework” to do on days when we don’t meet. At the end of the 5 weeks, we will all run a local 5K together to test your new skills and have fun as we run for health and represent CrossFit East Hanover!

The cost of the CFEH Runners Club is a one time $20 Payment for the entire 5 week program. We will supply you with a detailed program outline, including warm up and cool downs!

Feel free to invite a friend, Non CFEH members are welcome to join the Runners Club!

Please Leave you name in the comment section below if you are interested!


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