Super SteelFit Competition

As most of you know, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a member of the committee for this year's Super SteelFit Championship Competition. I have had a great time meeting with other box owners and the SteelFit team to create the Wods!  This is a great time to meet others in the CrossFit community and spend time with people who are just as passionate and excited as we are. Often just the thought of a CrossFit style competition brings to mind the professionals that we see on ESPN in the finals, when in reality the people competing are just like you and I. They work regular jobs and make time to train just as most of us do. I encourage you to join in on the fun and excitement of the SteelFit Competition. Although it is an individual competition, we will go as a team to represent CFEH and cheer each other on. There will be vendors, food, music and lots of enthusiastic CrossFitters from boxes all over NJ, PA and NY! 

Check out this video of the 2014 Finals on Jenkinson's Beach!  

You can register at the SteelFit Home Page, Ask me about the PROMO CODE for our CFEH Discount!

We are trying for the Teaneck May 9th date!  We already have a few people ready to go! 

You only need to attend one qualifier event to participate!

1st Place Men and Women RX Winners will receive $2,500 each with Cash Prizes for 2nd and 3rd Place RX/Scaled too!

April 25th- Westfield Qualifier

May 2nd- West Orange Qualifier

May 9th- Teaneck Qualifier

May 30th- Atlantic City Qualifier

FINALS- Saturday, June 20th at Jenkinson's Beach


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