Why I love the open, as an athlete, coach and owner!

Why I love the open, as an athlete, coach and affiliate owner!

This time of year for the CrossFit community is like no other! The excitement, anticipation and overall atmosphere at most boxes is a little more electrifying and encouraging than on most days! As an athlete I am right there with my people anxiously awaiting the Thursday night announcements and head to head match ups! At the gym I listen with a smile as members talk about how impressed they are by the professional CrossFit athletes and how crazy the wod was last night. I enjoy seeing the new members engaged with some of our veterans.

    As an owner it is so much bigger than wods and white board results. I see people face and overcome fears. In a rare place free of judgment, I see people mentally and physically prepared to take on what seems like insurmountable tasks in the form of high reps, heavy weight and many meters!  I feel the emotions of fear and bravery in the air. It’s palpable!  The internal dialog of self-talk is as loud as it is silent amongst the blaring music and screaming onlookers, motivators and those next in line to give everything they have!

I hear the screams of enthusiasm and encouragement. The roar of pride in personal records set and the slap and thud of congratulatory high fives and fist bumps as the clock sounds coaches yell TIME! It is amazing! This is the culmination of a full year of hard work. It is a proving grounds for some, and most certainty a challenge and experience of growth for all.  Many will set new personal records. Many will overcome limiting self-beliefs and learn just how capable they are.

     As a box owner this is what I love, this is what drives me and gifts me the feeling of fulfillment! I feel accomplished when my people accomplish. I feel pride when my people are proud of themselves. I feel fortunate to be involved in something bigger than my self and CFEH. I thank you all for not taking the easy way out and for challenging yourselves day in and day out while allowing me to be a part it! Lets continue to improve and spread the word of health and fitness one friend, one wod and one rep at a time!

Good luck in the opens! I’ll see you there! 





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