Weight loss goals?

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you focused on getting stronger? Are you busting your butt to get faster wod times? Are you pushing yourself harder and harder every time you enter CFEH? Are you keeping track of your nutrition some how?  Have you been counting calories, meal prepping or food journaling?

If you can't answer with a definitive yes to any of those questions then…Houston we have a problem.  Weight loss or reducing body fat is tough work and this work extends outside of the gym. I always say you can't out work a bad diet. You may maintain a certain physique by working out and eating whatever you want but complacency is average and who wants to be that? Look at it this way. There are 168 hours in a week. Breaking a sweat 3 hours out of 168 is a decent start, however it's far from enough, especially if your goals are to change your physique. Be it gaining or losing muscle or body fat. 

Another thing I like to say is that abs are made in the kitchen.  Now that doesn't mean we all should have a ripped six pack but the saying still speaks volumes. If you are not eating clean with some kind of structure than you are setting yourself up for failure and frustration. 

I plan your workouts, warm-ups and cool downs. I give you suggested weights to use and I build your program to have consistent gains in strength, conditioning and technique. All I ask is that you show up ready to go and that you do your part when you are not with me. That means staying hydrated, getting rest and properly fueling your body for the workouts and recovery.  When you are not in the gym it is beyond my control. What I’m getting at here is, that it is equally important to focus on your nutrition as it is to physically train. Nutrition is the counterpart to the work you do at the gym. An analogy that I often use is that if you were to drive a Ferrari would you put unleaded or premium into it.  It’s your choice, however we know that one will yield a better result than the other.

In the Wodify app there is a food journal that allows you to enter what you eat through out the day, as well you can send that info to a coach for, accountability and guidance. We are here to help you but you must put in the effort outside of the gym.

Time can be a tough factor as we are all busy, but if you can make time for a workout then you must make time to eat clean and healthy.

We go hard in CrossFit, so if you are not seeing the results that you want, it is either because you are slacking on your wods or because you are not eating the proper foods and not doing what you need to be doing outside of the gym. With a conscious decision and a bit more dedication that can all quickly change. We are here to help you create and find a better and healthier lifestyle. No fads or crash diets here. We want to educate you so that you may develop the knowledge and successful habits to ensure you not only surpass your goals and feel amazing, but that you find the best way to continue living this healthy, active lifestyle. Reach out, we are here for you!



Damien LarsonComment