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Remember that challenge you signed up for a few weeks ago? Or maybe you’re still procrastinating about whether to sign up. There are only two weeks to go until the challenge begins and I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to ease the transition to Lurong Living.

In general, the challenge requires you:

  • Eating more whole foods
  • Removing inflammatory and problematic foods
  • Controlling insulin response (prevent blood sugar spiking)
  • Providing your body with a metabolic reset

Whether you choose to eat at the Elite, Pro or General level is driven by your own personal goals and lifestyle, but hopefully, some of the following information will help you eat as clean as possible without feeling too overwhelmed.



There are A LOT of eating clean recipe books out there. These are four of my favorites and I use them weekly. If anyone wants to take a look at them, let me know and I’ll bring them to the gym.

My top 3 go-to websites for recipes and information are:

The Lurong Challenge website has a great recipe book and meal plan that you can use.


If you’re like me, when you decide to change something about your diet, you focus on all of the foods you can’t eat anymore. The clean eating movement is booming right now and there are constantly new products and recipes appearing, not to mention the increasing choices of grass-fed meat and wild caught fish in the supermarket, and the continually growing choice of organic fruits and vegetables.

I find some of the following products help keep me on track and are a lifesaver if travelling or short on time.

Organic chicken stock from Costco
Rachel Ray Stock in a Box from Shoprite
A good quality protein powder with no sugar added.
Invest in a Nutribullet and explore tasty smoothies. I have a green smoothie recipe book if anyone wants ideas.

Paleonola from Wholefoods. Eat with almond milk and a few berries - delicious!

Simple Mills almond flour mixes, Primal Kitchen Mayo and Salad Dressing  from Amazon or Thrive market (more about that in a minute). 
Sugar free bacon, Power Snacks and Paleokrunch bars from Whole Foods.

Jones All Natural Sausages, wild caught canned fish and sesame tahini from all markets. Also read the labels on chicken sausage - there are clean versions out there.

Grass fed beef sticks, coconut aminos (great for stir frying)  and grain free wraps from Amazon.

Larabars! Read the ingredients, they are not all clean, but a lot are.

Costco has sliced roast turkey with just salt added.

Amazon and Costco have a great range of products available and I’ve been a member of Thrive Market for over a year. It’s an on line wholesale club featuring healthy food and other non-toxic products. If you want to try any products but don’t think the membership is worth it, ask me to order for you on my membership.

Shoprite carries a great selection of grass fed beef and lamb and their selection of wild caught fish is great.

Surviving the First Few Days

I’m a planner and eating clean requires some planning. The Lurong meal plan can be a big help in that respect but I also add the following items to my refrigerator (clean food goes moldy quickly - keep it in the fridge!):                   

A batch of almond flour pancakes for a quick breakfast.
Bake a loaf of paleo bread for breakfast or lunchtime. I love elana’s pantry paleo bread recipe
Make a simple salad. Whisk together 3 tbsps each of lemon juice and olive oil, 2 tbsps dijon mustard and ¼ tsp each of salt and pepper. Add 1 bunch of chopped kale. Coat all leaves and store in airtight container for up to 3 days. Just add some protein and you have a quick lunch or dinner.
Not in the mood for salad? Trader Joe's pre packaged sliced mushrooms, asparagus and red onion in the produce section. Just stir fry on olive oil and add some protein.
Make a batch of salt and pepper crackers from Elana’s pantry for snacking or lunch. Great with guacamole or sesame tahini.

Dreading giving up dairy? Make a chia pudding - remember you can’t eat it straight away!

Finally, a few of us are thinking of coordinating a food swap, as most recipes feed 4-6 people. I’m not quite sure how we will do this yet, but if you’re interested send me an email at, or email with any other questions or a Thrive Market request. Enjoy the Challenge - it’s worth it

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