Strong for what?

There many reasons why we do what we do at CFEH. To put a simple and plain, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. If you're not building your strength and cardio respiratory capabilities (conditioning) then you are really just going through the motions or maintaining mediocrity. Let's not do that. Over the past few weeks we have been going through a strength protocol labeled 531 for the rep scheme. I'm very pleased with the overall results that were achieved and I'm proud of those of you who stuck it out even when the heavy lifting seemed never ending. We will continue to utilize the fundamental lifts like the squat, deadlift and push press, that's just what we do. We lift, swing, throw, pull, push, slam and drag things all in the name of fun anti mundane expressions of health and fitness. In the life cycle of training number will ebb and flow, technique and skill will rise and fall. The toughest part of being a well rounded crossfitter is just that. Being well rounded. We will take some time to revisited the Olympic lifts that have so patently waited for the culmination of the 531 program.  With the new found muscular endurance and strength will work to develop new PR'S with the clean and jerk as well as the snatch. We will keep up with the the very productive short metcons and continue to build camaraderie and report with team and partner wods. I am excited about moving forward with on next few months of programming. Remember all the hard work you put into the 531 program and be confident moving forward and challenging yourself in up coming workouts! Keep up the great work everyone. Thanks for making my job amazingly fun and rewarding. 

Damien LarsonComment