Reebok CrossFit Team Competition

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                      2015 CrossFit Open

                      2015 CrossFit Open

So I’m sure you have heard about the upcoming Reebok CrossFit sponsored team competition. CrossFit HQ will release workouts online that are designed for two-man, two-woman teams. We have six days to complete each set of team workouts and submit the scores online. Sep 6th and Oct 4th will be the release dates for the wods. Teams will be able to do the wods in place of the CFEH daily wods as long as the whole team is present to do the wod together. Open gym will be the best time to do these team wods. For more details, follow the link below. The cost is $80.00 per team, which you will pay online.  It’s important that we establish teams quickly so that we can get everyone registered by Tuesday Sep 6th! Remember, we have until Sept 12th to submit our team scores.


Why should you sign up for this team competition? Here is why...

Find out where you stand:

Testing yourself against your prior performances as well as the performance of others is a great way to find out what level your crossfit game is at. You will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and find just where you stack up against people in your age bracket and/or experience level. Once you have this knowledge, we can create a new game plan on how to improve where needed.

Get outside your comfort zone:

                      2015 CrossFit Open

                      2015 CrossFit Open

For most of us, competition will yank you out of your comfort zone faster than you can drop a wall ball on your last rep of Karen. Wise ones know that all things great happen just outside your comfort zone. When was the last time you had butterflies in your stomach or that nervousness that takes over you before you do something a little crazy? Exactly… most of us can’t remember the last time we were really challenged mentally and physically to the point that our emotions and instincts took over, sending adrenalin and a surge of energy through our bodies. That feeling will remind you of how alive you are, how young, strong and vibrant you are. Live a little!


Face your fear:

Whether it’s a fear of failure, judgment or of performing in front of strangers, it has been placed before you for a reason. Facing my fears is something I actually seek out. I do so  with hesitance, however, I always follow through.  In the process, I learn and I grow.

Facing  fear is one of the most self-empowering things that a person can do. Once the task at hand or the fear you have faced is behind you, it is just that, behind you for good. Count it as one more thing checked off the list. One of the best quotes I have ever heard was said by one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time. Les Brown said “You can live your dreams or you can live your fears”. Sadly most people live their fears.   

The majority of the world is so subconsciously led by fear that they are unaware that a decision has even been made. Don’t fall so far off that you can’t even see your personal patterns of decision making and thought. Live this life, don’t let this life live you. Experience it, for all that it is and don’t just be part of someone else's experience!

Ok, enough out of Coach Robbins over here, now go to the link below to register.

You won’t regret it!

Click Here To Register Here For The CrossFit Team Series Competition!

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