Clean Eating Challenge - Food is Fuel

We have a bunch of members who have agreed to jump into our clean eating personal challenge. I call it a personal challenge because there is not a 1st place winner here. Everyone who sticks to this though the month of January will enter this year with the positive momentum of healthy eating habits. In a sense we are all winners! We know that nutrition is the foundation of a sound healthy lifestyle. Eating right will help you with better performance in your Wods. It will assist you in the recovery that your body needs after we break it down with the tough training that we do. It will also help you sleep better, you will experience more energy through out your day and above all else you will start to feel great look great!


I always tell you guys to look at your food as fuel for your body because that is exactly what it is. What you put in is what you get out. Once you begin to understand this it just may change your perspective. Ask yourself this question, If you had a Lamborghini would you put regular unleaded into your gas tank? The obvious answer is no, you would put premium. So why then should it be any different for your body? Just because you are not a meticulously fine tuned piece of Italian machinery like a Lamborghini or CFEH's own 1st lady? Ha!

Let's get on the ball and start this year out right! We beat up and break down our bodies so that we can rebuild them stronger, literally breaking and rebuilding our muscle fibers. How fast and how well this rebuilding process takes place is directly correlated to what we fuel our bodies with! I can't say it enough, and I've just about said too much. So below are some cheat sheets to help you get the ball rolling! #LETSGETIT

Damien LarsonComment