Workout on the go!

Busy schedule? Traveling for work? Too swamped with tasks to hit the gym?

Written above are useless excuses that only get you further from your goals. Everyone has places to go, things to do and people to see!  The truth is that all of the things that you need to do can be done more efficiently if you are energized, well fueled and feeling good! Exercise will help you in all areas of your life, professional and personal! 

Here are a few workouts that you can do on the go.

A)  Set a timer on your cell phone for 10 min and complete the following (5 Push ups - 10 Sit Ups - 15 Squats) record the results and try to beat the amount of repetitions the next time you do the workout!

B) If you are have access to a hotel gym, you are capable of doing a great workout.     Try this: 2 Min Jog/elliptical, hop off and complete this circuit then hop back on and repeat. 

Circuit: 10 reps of Dumbbell shoulder press - 10 reps of bicep curls - 10 Renegade rows (tutorial video link below)------->

C) 20 Walking lunges 20 Jumping jacks 20 Mt Climbers 10 Burpees then rest 1-2 Minutes and repeat for 2-3 rounds!

You can be as creative as possible, running up a bunch of flights of stairs doesn't sound like a great time but it does sound like a great workout. You could even stop on each flight and do squats, push ups, or dips on the bottom steps. We know there is nothing like your Coach kicking your butt at your home gym. However excuses are useless and as long as you are staying active it is better then doing nothing! Good Luck! 

Damien LarsonComment