Nutrition is the foundation!

Want abs?  Want to get your first pull up?  How about increasing your cardio?  All of these are achievable, and I have seen them accomplished time and time again through dedication and hard work.  When looking at fitness, and ultimately athleticism, we know that the foundation of it all is nutrition. I wrote a question on the board a few weeks back - “Do you know how much protein you consume daily?’’  We were surprised by the lack of responses, and know that it is likely a reflection of our members not knowing the answer.  We can change all that.

As coaches, we provide you with a path to success and all the support, knowledge and accountability you could need.  For example, we have every workout that you will do for the next year already planned out. That takes care of that.  Next, Wodify keeps track of all your progress, gains, numbers and percentages. What I’m trying to get at is that all you need to do is show up with a good attitude and follow our lead.  What’s left? Ah ha, Food!  We can help with that, too, but you need to do your part! Have you set goals for yourself?  Have you taken advantage of the times that our Nutrition Coach, Coach Louise, offered free nutritional consultations?  Have you asked the right questions or read our blogs where we explained the foundation of everything is nutrition?

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The fact is, that when you are on point with your eating - whether it’s a meal plan, a macronutrient profile, a monthly accountability meeting with a nutrition coach, a food delivery service or whatever medium you choose -you will feel better, perform better and get better results. Lowering your body fat will get you to see those abs that have been hiding away.  Supporting your body with the correct amount of protein and carbs will help you build new lean muscle and recover fast from your wods so that you can train more frequently and get results faster. Try a strict pull up, then lose 5-10lbs of body fat and see how much easier it is when you try it again.  Imagine the difference in your performance of metcons when you have a leaner, more athletic physic.

If it’s accountability you need, we have it!  If you are the self-motivated type and just need a head start and some direction, we have it.  Know that you cannot out work a bad diet. Also know that you will only get so far in your training before you hit a plateau due to the lack of attention to your nutrition.  Why put all the physical hard work in and then go home and undo it?  CrossFit East Hanover is about promoting a healthy life style.  This goes beyond your handful of hours spent each week in the gym.  We want you to be health conscious and become the best version of yourself.   Let us help in every way!

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