CrossFit Open!

Hey guys

The 2017 Crossfit Open is two weeks away and we want to try something new this year. A lot of boxes run an Intramural Open alongside the “official” open where the focus is on participation rather than individual performance. We want to see many of our members enjoy being part of a competition without the stress of worrying about their performance and letting team mates down.

We thought some of you guys would make awesome team captains and help us recruit participants from the majority of classes throughout the week. We need you to spend the next few days putting a team together and coming up with awesome team names! The teams do not have to have the same number of members as we’re going to average scores, but ideally we’re hoping for 4 or five in each team.If you have team members that are signed up for the Crossfit Open, they get a bonus point at the outset.

Every team member that completes the open wod at the Friday Night Lights session (typically 6:30pm) gets 2 points. Any other time after the wod is announced on Thursday night and before the Monday evening deadline earns 1 point. We’re hoping to get team t-shirts - every member that remembers to wear their shirt earns a point. Any team member who PRs or achieves a goal during the wods (first pull up, double unders etc) gets a point. The top three scaled males and females each week will earn their team a point. All points collected each week will be averaged over the number of team members who competed that week. There is no cost to be on a team. It’s $20 to sign up for the open on the Crossfit website. Damien and I will make a dinner or throw a BBQ for the winning team.

Team captains:

5:30am class - Anthony

6:30am  class - Brian

9:00am  class - team 1 - Jen, team 2 - Tracy

4:30pm  class - Alley

5:30pm  class - team 1 - Joey, team 2 - Bernadette

So, all we need from is a list of team members and a team name by Monday Wednesday Feb 15th. After that, we hope you can encourage all your team members to take part over the five weeks of the open. I’ll do all of the result collecting and scoring each week.

Thanks so much,

Coach Louise

To sign up for the "official" CrossFit Open register here and join East Hanover Crossfit as your affiliate!  If you just want to join our in house games then please sign up at the gym! 

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