Sleeping Well

Sleeping Well

We all know that sleep is important right? Knowing is just half the battle, doing is a completely different thing. I average around 6 hours of sleep 3-4 days a week and about 7 hours on the weekends. That’s not great at all. So what I do is make sure that the 6 hours that I do get are the most restful, deep sleep that I can. During sleep is when our bodies repair the muscles and systems that we breakdown during our workouts. When we don’t get restful sleep or enough sleep we experience a lack of recuperation that can stifle the growth of our muscles and energy systems. I will share with some secrets to getting to and staying asleep!


Evening Tea: Try Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time Tea prior to bed. More recently I have been using this recipe. Two teaspoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey in a little less than 12 oz of hot water.  Prepare it like a tea and drink in 15-30 min before you hit the sac! I love it!


Hot Shower: Try taking a hot shower right before bed. This helps to relax your muscles and adjust your body's temperature making you nice and groggy before bed!


Twilight App: To keep this simple, the blue lights emitted from our phones, tablets, laptops, televisions and other electronics are known to reduce sleep up to 1 hour by reducing melatonin production. With twilight installed on your phone a red filter is placed over your screen, reducing the blue light exposure. It uses your location to work in coordination with the sun cycle of the area in which you live to adjust your screen right around the time that the sun sets! Amazing right? Even better, it’s FREE!!!!!  Get it today!


Meditation: I have an audio clip that I downloaded from youtube. It’s a guided meditation by Alan Watts. Sidenote, he has amazing content in lectures and essays. It’s hard for me to say exactly what it is, as I rarely make it through the entire sound clip. This works like a charm for Allison and I. We put it on most nights and we are sleeping in no time. Here is a link to the video/clip.

If this video is not for you, I suggest you try something similar!

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