No Excuses - Keeping Your Nutrition on Track

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner - the unofficial start of summer and all of the temptations that come with the season:

  • Beer fuelled backyard BBQs
  • Ice cream

  • Cocktails at rooftop bars

  • Margaritas at the pool

  • Picnics on the beach

  • Boardwalk fried foods

  • Concession stands at the ballpark

The list goes on and on for me. Whilst I want to enjoy my favorite time of the year I don’t want to undo all of the hard work I have put into my nutrition over the last few months. Laying some groundwork now will hopefully help with navigating all of these temptations.

  1. TRACK If you’re not tracking your food - start!! If you track, but not perfectly - get better at it! For me there is nothing more powerful than seeing your macronutrient intake staring back at you. Do I want one sugar laden cocktail, or 3 glasses of wine for the same hit of calories? Do I use all of my fat grams for the day on a cheeseburger, or do I choose a turkey burger and have a handful of chips on the side and a scoop of ice cream for dessert? Knowledge gives you power to make informed choices.

  2. HYDRATE Those of us that participated in the 28 day challenge got into the habit of drinking a lot of water everyday. You should aim for 80 ounces a day. I’m also trying to stick to the habit of drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink as a way of keeping those calories in check!

  3. FIND SUBSTITUTES At breakfast eat turkey bacon or sausage for lower fat. Read the labels on those greek yogurts - there are plenty of high protein choices with less than 17g of carbs. Eat carbs at lunch that fill you up for longer periods of time - low starch vegetables and fruits rather than bread and chips. If you want to enjoy a cocktail, substitute soda or sugary mixes with club soda and a squeeze of fresh fruit juice.

  4. PACK LOTS OF SNACKS Always travel with a few healthy snacks to avoid high sugar, high fat offerings at concession stands.

  5. SET A NEW GOAL Talk to your coaches about a specific goal you want to achieve over the summer and we’ll help you stay accountable.

Once the season is in full swing

  1. BE COMMITTED Stick to your workout schedule. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, you’ve been on vacation. Yes, the kids are sleeping in, so why can’t you? You’ll swim laps at the pool later…… Coming to the gym not only maintains all of the fitness gains you’ve made this year, but seeing your WOD buddies and your coaches regularly will remind you that you need to keep on top of your nutrition to fuel the next round of goals you’ve set yourself.

  2. RESET ASAP Of course, I have the occasional blowout on my diet. Since I started tracking my food I try and limit it to one meal, rather than one whole day, but I might do that for a few days during a long weekend at the beach. As soon as I get home I get back on track.

  3. BE REALISTIC Be kind to yourself and enjoy life. It takes a sustained period of over indulgence to undo all of the hard work you’ve done. See #2 - get back on track ASAP

           - Coach Louise