If your overall plan is to end 2017 fitter than you started ...

For me, September is always the time of year when I reflect on what could have been achieved over the spring and summer, accept what goals I didn't hit and reset to end the year strong. Unlike the winter holiday season - a few days of unbridled eating and drinking for many of us - summer stretches into weeks of skipping the gym to go to the beach, grazing through many picnics and barbecues, spontaneous meet ups for beer or cocktails at sunset and an opportunity to unwind with friends and family with a less frantic schedule. Don't get me wrong, I love summer but I love getting back into a routine and focusing on the 11 week opportunity that presents itself between Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.

If your overall plan is to end 2017 fitter than you started it you need to think about your training, nutrition, sleep quality and stress and what resolutions you need to make now to achieve that goal. Our programming at CFEH takes care of your basic training needs, but if you have a specific goal in mind, such as getting your first pull up or running a 5k, YOU  need to put some extra work in. Talk to your coaches, make a plan, come to open gym, put the work in and you’ll reap the rewards.


If you wanted to eat better this year and maybe lose a few pounds, that is still an achievable goal. Join the Lurong Challenge starting on September 18 or book a nutrition consult to set you on the right path. Make your goals realistic, achievable and measurable. It is possible to lose 10-15 lbs by the end of the year, if you take action and change some habits. Don't set yourself up for a quick failure by saying you're going to workout everyday, or multiple times a week. Take a long hard look at your schedule and be realistic. If you can only get to the gym twice a week, make sure you show up twice a week, every week. In between times have a plan on increasing your general level of activity - can you walk or bike somewhere instead of drive? Can you park further away from your office and walk an extra 20 minutes a day? Find a basic stretching/mobility/yoga routine that you can do every morning or evening - just set aside 15 minutes a day.


Achieving your goals requires you to change. Change is hard - you need to find time from somewhere to work at your goals, you need to be a little selfish, you might need to invest some money, you need to change your habits and find some motivation to stick to them. Share your goals with your coaches. We can hold you accountable, help you and cheer you on to an awesome end of the year.

- Coach Louise

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