Mark your calendars!! The Crossfit Open 2018 starts on February 22.


If you’re new to Crossfit, the Open is the first stage of the Crossfit Games season, and the largest community event of the year. Hundreds of thousands of athletes come together to compete in the worldwide, online competition. If you register at you get the chance to see how you stack up at CFEH, in New Jersey, the USA or Worldwide in your age group. Registration opens January 11.


If you don’t want to register you can still participate in the CFEH Intramural Open for some friendly competition between each of our classes. Last year this was a lot of fun and most of the team points don’t come from being the best athlete. 34 members participated last year - let’s try and exceed that this year. I’m sure team Dumbells, Divas and Dads will be looking to defend their title!

For most of us, the Open highlights weaknesses in our skill set and gives us the opportunity to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Do you have something you want to try and master before the Open:

  • Pull up

  • Chest to bar

  • Muscle up

  • Toe to bar

  • Handstand push up

  • Olympic lifts

  • Box jumps

  • Double unders

  • Dumbbell movements

Your coaches want to help you achieve your goals, but it’s hard to do that during a regular class time. Schedule time to talk to a coach about your goals, come to Open Gym and work on drills. You’ve got six weeks to prepare before the first workout is announced!

- Coach Louise

Damien LarsonComment