Bulletproof Your Shoulder


March 31, 2018 from 12:30-1:30pm

At CrossFit, East Hanover

With Speaker Dr. Tejal Ramaiya

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist  at Body Moksha Physical Therapy, Madison, NJ


Free Shoulder Pain Workshop Reveals How to Heal Shoulder Pain

Without Medication, Injections, or Surgery!


Do you have shoulder pain while reaching overhead or behind your back?

Is your shoulder pain (or arm pain, numbness, or tingling) keeping you up at night?

Do you find yourself missing workouts to give your shoulder a ‘break’?

Do you experience weakness in your shoulder that keeps you from doing your WOD?

Are you worried that things could get worse if you do nothing about it?


If you’re dealing with shoulder pain, the Bulletproof Your Shoulder Workshop may be a life-changing event for you…

You will learn about:


  • The #1 Single Biggest Mistake People Make Which Actually Stops Them From Healing

  • The 3 Most Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain

  • Strategies To Implement Now To Eliminate Your Shoulder Pain For Good


There is no cost to attend…it’s FREE!

PS – Space is scarce so this event is limited to the first 12 people to register.


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