Professional Coaching Opportunity At Crossfit East hanover!

What we're looking for...


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WE BELIEVE IN LEADING PEOPLE To be the best versions of themselves - it starts with the coaches. 

TO DO GREAT WORK YOU HAVE TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO.  our goal is to empower coaches to do have a career doing what they love.

Design your career and have the opportunity to grow by building your own programs, coaching the classes you love, via "Intrapranuership" (building their own business within the business).  Our Coaches focus 100% of their time on coaching and developing their craft.

Receive support in consistent goal setting, building programs, and ongoing coaching development.

Looking for a highly motivated, self-starter with a growth mindset that is willing to take their craft to the next level.

Build multiple streams of income through several opportunities (see below).  An example of a Coach (Personal Training Focused)  could have 26 hours/wk making $50k+.  Create your own dream schedule!

Please send resumes to

Opportunities Include
- Personal Training - 1/2 hr & 1 hr sessions
- CrossFit group classes
- Boot Camp group classes
- On Ramp sessions
- No Sweat Intro's
- Nutritional Coaching


“An Intraprenuer is an employee who has been given the opportunity to start and build a business within the main business or umbrella without any of the financial risk of being the Entrepreneur.”

The Intrapranuer will be responsible for the oversight and execution of the big 3’s of running a business as part of their 4/9th compensation.

Sales & Marketing |  Operations   |  Coaching

What are we looking for?

  • Develop & Implement Sales & Marketing Strategy 
  • Responsible for Individual Program and Clientele Growth
  • Maintain a Social Media Presence Through Pictures, Videos, and Blogs
  • Monthly Meeting with Damien to Discuss Strategies and Opportunities
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