We are so excited to launch our CrossFit Legends Program! This program is specially designed for people 55 years and older. We all know that strength training and conditioning helps to:

  1. Increase bone density

  2. Increase connective tissue strength

  3. Improve balance, flexibility and agility

  4. Improve overall health and wellness

 This demographic is being left out.  CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman said it best -
  “ The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparent differ by degree not kind.”
This will be a slower paced class with continued focus on technique and core strength.  Once we get a few people feeling stronger, more energized and happier, this program will quickly take on a life of its own and grow fast!
 Please help us by thinking of anyone you know that would benefit from this great new program.  Send them our way!!

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this program please contact us today!

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