CrossFit L-1 Certified

HSN: Certified Nutrition Coach

Louise's fitness journey has been long and varied. A high school field hockey player, she took a break from all things healthy in college. Swimming and step aerobics filled the void in the 1990's and then along came motherhood and a move from the UK to California. Three kids later and a move to Massachusetts saw her finally fully commit to a fitness lifestyle. Starting with running and moving on to triathlons sparked a passion that has never died. 

After moving to New Jersey she found her tribe at Crossfit three years ago. She loved Crossfit so much that she took the Level 1 Certification and started coaching in March 2016. As a "master" athlete she brings a different perspective to class and hopes to inspire anyone that says they are too old to Crossfit. 

Louise is also passionate about eating to perform through a paleo lifestyle and is always happy to talk about nutrition.