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 "When I was young, and maybe overly perceptive, I watched the women around me hate on their bodies, day and night. I suppose, understanding the magic of the body was far from something my ancestors were taught. I knew young that I wanted to change the way women felt, and viewed and played in their bodies - I knew that 'body hate' had to stop somewhere and I made a silent vow that it would be with me.
  I found running, or running found me in the throes of trying to manage wild teenage hormones and it never left. It made me FEEL - the blood in my veins, the air in my lungs, the passion of my muscles as they expand and contract. Later, In high school, after years of cheerleading, I joined the track team, competed in the Empire State games, Penn Relays,  played center for the most elite group of women's lacrosse players in NY, at the time, that game of ancient Native American origin, I just knew, somehow long ago I had also held a wooden lacrosse stick. The ancestors were still speaking.
   There was a disconnect however. I was very hard on myself, and being in my head often held me back from competing at my fullest potential. 'It's all mind games', may coaches would try and explain.
Later, I realized, that's what was missing, from the women in my life: whatever they had been through, whatever they had seen, taught them not to feel. When pain stepped in, they were lost in their minds (as are most humans) lost in thought, lost in judgement. But oh, the glorious sensuousness of a body in motion, at play, dancing, making love - someone should teach this in schools, I envisioned.
   I knew I wanted to help the ancient scars of the body heal. After high school I moved to Sedona, Arizona, something just told me to go there. Sitting on top of Thunder Mountain (the highest peak in the city) my hiking partner, a Sedona tour guide at the time said, "you do realize you've come to a sacred place, yes? The entire city is a vortex of the Divine Feminine. People come here to heal." Awestruck, somehow I made it off the mountain. My journey as a healer had begun.
   I enrolled in Arizona School of Integrative Studies sometime after. During bodywork school I undertook an independent study program with Yavapai women's soccer league,  coaching the girls on stretching, sports and therapeutic massage,  prehab and taking care of their bodies as an athlete. Back in NY I became certified as a professional trainer with NASM, AFFA, TSI and the CHEK institute. But still something was missing, I could only help others get so far into themselves with basic massage and fitness alone.
   Then, something magical happened (that's like daily for me but still worth noting) I began training as a Body Language Specialist, intuitive Bodyworker and a Rebirther at the Philadelphia and New York Rebirthing Center. How to reprogram the mind to alter the body became key. How we think about ourselves how we feel about ourselves laces itself in the tissues of the body and becomes the energy we put out into the world.
   I had new ammo, and however crazy and out of my mind I seemed to everyone around me I was determined to find a way to share this with as many people as I could.
   I eventually began to look for alternative office space where I could broaden my scope of influence and the very first peeps I found were Dr's Jason and Melissa Sonners at Core Therapies in Livingston. They were looking for a massage therapist and I was looking for open minds and hearts to receive what I had to offer. Walking casually around the office during our interview Dr. Jason stopped me, got quiet, then asked 'Why do you do what you do?' I replied without hesitation 'I want to help people heal.' 'You're hired' was his reply.
   My team at Core introduced me to Crossfit a few years later. I dabbled in the intense training and many awesome gyms, having been familiar with adventure racing and fitness forever, but it took quite a few years for me to become a dedicated athlete again.
   The first thing that intrigued me about CFEH was the music - not kidding, I mean ya gotta be some sort of spiritual gangsta if ya got a name for the box like 'Wu TangWednesday'. Music feeds my soul, and immediately I felt I was home. It felt different here. Our team is serious about fitness, serious about becoming the best we can possibly be but there is also a patience, a deep intelligence and this innate, gentle, confidence that our coaches bring that seem to make it easy to break records, easy to keep going and easy to keep loving yourself more and more each time we step into the gym.
   I think my fav part of Crossfit are the WOD's, I like going all out and feeling like a superhero. And our team are some of the most motivating and supportive people I know! This year, I had an intention - I wanted focus and consistency. I always am training in some form or other but I know my body is capable of so much more. I shared my goal with a friend at the gym (something I rarely do) and the support I receive on a daily basis is incredible - Medicine Tribe. Someone recently coined that term and I see it as a group of people, individually striving to become as powerful as they can, all the while uplifting those around them and holding an eagle eye vision for their family, their community, their country, their planet. I found a Medicine Tribe at CFEH. And I am honored to be part of a group of people who let me be who I am, who are excited to see that grow and who receive the motivation and inspiration from me, to do so as well.
   So, until the whole world is vibrating with unconditional love, Ima keep on fist bumping my medicine tribe and keep trying to improve my darn overhead squat, keep showing up to the box with the help of my friends' hashtags and sweet text messages, keep trying for a 240lb deadlift, keep signing up to races and keep finding DJ's and wordsmiths who spin spells that keep me dancing all night (come to our block party on June 11th!!) and hopefully, with the power of grace, all the women, and men, I know will bow in admiration and awe of their beautiful bodies, the true vehicle for Spirit to shine through. A Ho.


From the moment a client walks into my space, I listen. With all my senses poised with wonder, I listen. And through whatever means the body whispers, Bodywork, Breathwork, or Holistic Health, I guide the person to reveal the truth of what it is they really are - a living, breathing example of infinite potential...

And although nothing, no words nor pictures, can quite describe the gifts I have been given, nor the experiences that have chosen me, I am, at once, in awe and honored at what I have been blessed to share. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to working with you!

In Health and Love,

                                      Megan Gouldner