One on One Training


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The benefits of one on one training are extraordinary! Working with a trainer offers you the accountability and professional guidance that you need to get you to your goals! Book a free "No Sweat Intro" with Coach Louise.


Training Packages

30 Minutes Sessions 

1 x wk - $180.00 Monthly

2 x wk $360.00 Monthly

3 x wk $480.00 Monthly

60 Minute Sessions

1 x wk - $300.00 Monthly

2 x wk $560.00 Monthly

3 x wk $780.00 Monthly

Why Personal Training might be for you:

  • You’re beginning your fitness journey

  • You’re returning to fitness after a long break

  • You don’t have time to workout for 60 minutes

  • You need the accountability

  • You want a 30 minute workout focused on your specific goals

  • You want to build strength

  • You want to improve your endurance

  • You want better mobility for everyday life

  • You want someone to monitor the achievement of your goals

  • You want variety