Membership options are presented during our no Sweat intro. Set up an appointment to come in check out the facility and meet us! 

We will answer all your questions! 

All memberships come with a WODIFY account

With Wodify you can:

Track performance: Every rep, every workout, every achievement is stored in the application for you to access at anytime. You can see ca graph of your performance over time to accurately measure your progress! If you are not tracking your performance, how will you know if you are growing?

Nutritional Log: Daily food journaling has never been easier. You can even send your food journal to your Coach for guidance. 

Video Library: You will have access to videos explaining and breaking down techniques for the movements that you will use on a weekly basis! Videos are supplied by top tier coaches from the famous Barbell Shrugged Podcast!

Schedule Access/Billing: Right from the app you can sign in or out of classes. As well you can update and enter membership billing information. There is no exchanging of credit cards or bank routing numbers, you can do this from the security and privacy of the Wodiy app!

Social interface: Just like Facebook you can comment and like the performance of your Crossfit family and friends. This lends for great support, camaraderie and competition!  

Bi Monthly Goal Setting: Sit with your coach to discuss your goals and a plan to get you there.

Biometric Testing: Establish a base line of your biometrics, Body fat %,Body weight, Body mass index and measurements.