Thursday mornings at 9am

Yoga for Alignment and Athletic Performance

Like many forms of training, the practice of yoga unfolds over time to reveal many layers of physical benefits and personal revelations. There are many ways yoga can be used to improve athletic performance - from increasing mental concentration and improving flexibility and balance to helping prevent common injuries and honing skills in a particular area of expertise.

Yoga, however, was first developed to prepare the body for meditation. It served as a way to 'alter one's consciousness and mental focus' - much like an athlete would prepare for a competition. In essence, yoga is designed to bring body, mind and spirit into alignment. Yoga can restore a weakened body and build it back up. Yoga postures, breathwork and mind control practices can help to rebalance, strengthen and restore overtaxed muscles, joints and ligaments, and calm the overstressed mind. Through this restoration process, athletes - professional and weekend warriors alike - can increase their career longevity and develop an inner balance that will last a lifetime.

This class is a basic, beginner's program designed to educate the body and mind as to what your own, individual optimal blueprint might be. We will focus on the alignment of simple poses {asanas} and stretches that can transfer easily onto the track, into the next WOD and/or on the dance floor, keeping your body healthy and fit, rested and restored and ready to get out and play!

Yoga Packages: 

Drop in - $20
                                                              5 class card - $85                                                                                                                          10 class card $140                                                               * First class complimentary

Yoga is taught by our very own Megan Gouldner! Click below to learn more about her!